Python For Intermediate – Advanced (2 Day course)

2 Day hours

Target Audience & Purpose

Python is one of the most popular and demanding language currently, which is used in various fields -Web development, API integration, Automation, Cloud programming, Data analysis, Data science and Machine learning. This course is for people who are looking to learn advance concepts in python/handling the data and familiar with the basics of python


  • Participants should have knowledge on the Python beginner concepts


  • Master the core concepts of writing Python scripts
  • Work with the Python standard libraries
  • Use python libraries to handle files and directory
  • Use Regular Expression for automating the pattern search in the files
  • Establish Database connectivity to perform sql operations in python
  • Create socket programming between client and server
  • Consume data from external interfaces Web API’s (json data)
  • Use pandas (data anaysis library) to read and analyze large volumes of data
  • Understand Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  • Create python modules and packages
  • Create exception handling in Python applications for error handling

Course Structure

Python For Intermediate – Advanced (2 Day course)

Object Oriented Programming Concepts

  • Introduction to object oriented concepts
  • Installing Anaconda (Advance Python package manager)
  • Classes and Objects (The “self” keyword)
  • How to define a Class in Python
  • Instantiating Objects and Instance Methods
  • How to create and access Methods and Attributes
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism in python

Modules and Packages

  • What are modules in Python?
  • How to write and import modules in Python?
  • What are packages in Python?
  • Importing module from a package
  • Working with python time Module

Pandas ( Machine learning library )

  • Getting Started with Pandas
  • What is a Pandas Dataframe (DF)?
  • How to load source files(excel,csv, any format ..) into Pandas dataframe
  • How to perform data manipulation and analysis(analytical operations)
  • Getting Descriptive statistics from a dataset
  • How to find and replace missing values and removing duplicates
  • How to perform all SQL operations using pandas library
  • Read and Write data into the source excel,csv files

Database Connection

  • Introduction to SQLite database file
  • Installing the SQLite DB and importing python libraries
  • Connecting SQLite/My SQL DB via python
  • Create Cursor to run SQL queries
  • Write and run the DDL statements in SQL via python
  • Fire the SQL DML statements(Insert, Update, Delete)
  • Fetch and merge data from different tables (Joins)
  • Extract the data, modify records and load it back into the

DBSocket Programming

  • What is Socket Programming?
  • What is protocol? Types of protocol
  • What is “host” and “port”
  • Connecting to a server
  • Writing a simple server-client program

Files Handling

  • What is File Input output?
  • Using os commands (Unix commands) to handle files and directories
  • How to open/close a file
  • Read and write data to a file
  • Advanced pattern matching in a file using Regular Expression
  • Advanced Search and replace patterns in multiple files

Exception Handling

  • What is an Exception ?
  • Using try except block to catch exceptions
  • Handling Multiple except statements
  • Clean up statement (finally)
  • Raised exceptions -User defined exceptions


Mark Steele

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