Python For Beginners – Intermediate (2 Day course)

2 Day hours

Target Audience & Purpose

Python is one of the most popular and demanding language currently, which is used in various fields -Web development, API integration, Automation, Cloud programming, Data analysis, Data science and Machine learning. This course is for anyone who is looking to get started with python for its application in their respective fields and is a pre-requisite for the advanced course


  • Good to have knowledge on any programming concepts but not mandatory


  • Understand the basics of Python core concepts
  • Master the fundamentals of writing Python scripts
  • Automate simple daily tasks using python
  • Learn the different data structures and their use cases
  • Store, access and manipulate data in data structures
  • Apply different methods on the data structures as per use cases
  • Write loops and decision statements in Python
  • Create functions and pass arguments to reuse repeated programs
  • Learn how to read and write files in Python
  • Create python script for searching a specific pattern in files
  • Create robust code by handling errors and exceptions properly

Course Structure

Python For Beginners – Intermediate (2 Day course)


  • Introduction to Python
  • Features of Python (Difference between 2.x & 3.x)
  • Setting up Python environment & IDE(Installing Anaconda)
  • Getting started with “Hello world” program
  • Working with Python Basic Syntax variable and data types(Int, float, String, Boolean)
  • Working with Arithmetic and comparator Operators
  • Getting user input and performing basic operations

String Manipulation

  • Creating a string object
  • Accessing Strings and applying string methods
  • Basic Operations in Strings (slicing string and applying String functions)
  • Membership operators and Identity operators

Data structures

  • Different types of data containers(Lists, Set & Tuples, Dictionaries)
  • Creating the List -Accessing the elements in the list -Properties of List (Mutability, ordering, indexing)
  • Applying different methods (functions) in List -Use cases/examples of List

NOTE: The above points will be covered for other data structures(Set & Tuples, Dictionaries)

Conditional Statements and Loops

  • Writing decision making clauses using -If If-else Nested if-else
  • Accessing all the elements in data containers using Loops
  • Difference between Iterator and Iterable
  • For loop -Writing a For loop -Indentation of a loop
  • While Loop -Nested loops
  • Control Statements using Break and Continue


  • Defining a function
  • Variable Scope -Global and local variables
  • Calling a function -Passing Arguments in a Function
  • Creating Anonymous functions
  • Using Handy Functions ( Zip & Enumerate) and Inbuilt functions
  • Creating List Comprehensions


  • What is File Input output?
  • Built-in file and directory handling libraries
  • How to open/close a file
  • Read and write data to a file
  • Regular Expression (RE) -Using RE for Searching/Matching patterns in files
  • Search and replace patterns in files

Exception Handling

  • What is an Exception ?
  • How to handle exceptions
  • Using try except block to catch exceptions
  • Handling Multiple except statements
  • Clean up statement (finally)
  • Raised exceptions -User defined exceptions


Mark Steele

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