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Advanced Course Information MS Word

Two Day: 9am – 4:30pm hours

Target Audience & Purpose

Word Advanced is for people who can already create documents, and want to add more sophistication and automation.


By the end of the course participants should be able to:

  • Create multiple columns in a document
  • Create and apply styles in a document
  • Create a Table of Contents and Bookmarks
  • Create different headers and footers
  • Insert, size, position and edit graphics and use WordArt
  • Create and modify document templates
  • Create and edit macros and assign macros to toolbars
  • Add footnotes and endnotes to a document
  • Create form letters and labels using mail merge
  • Create a form with drop-down form fields

Course Structure

Course Inclusions

  • Comprehensive learning materials incl. exercise files
  • Post course telephone support
  • ‘Certificate of Attendance’ on completion of course
  • Morning & afternoon tea

Course Prerequisites

Participants should be competent users of Word and should already be able to:

  • Modify the appearance of text using font formatting
  • Modify the layout of a document using paragraph formatting
  • Set different types of indentation
  • Change margins and paper orientation, use Print Preview
  • Create a simple table

MS Word 2013/2016 Advanced Course Content

Using Outline View
Create an Outline, Work in Outline View, Collapse/Expand Outline Headings, Outline Heading Levels, Move an Outline Heading or Body Text, Number Outline Levels, Display/Hide Outline Text Formats

Using Styles
Use Quick Styles & Style Inspector, Manage, Apply, Creating, Edit, Delete a Style, Add a Style to the Quick Styles Gallery, Clear Formats and Styles

Creating a Table of Contents
Generate & Remove a Table of Contents, View the TOC Field Code, Update TOC, Insert TC Field Codes, Use TC Fields, Use Outline Levels

Using Section Breaks
Work with, Insert, Remove & Modify Section Breaks, Insert a Next Page, Continuous & Odd/Even Page Break, Format a Section

Working with Headers & Footers
Create Headers/Footers, Insert Page No’s, Insert Current Date, Create a First Page & Odd and Even Headers/Footers, Set the Starting Page No.

Using Footnotes & Endnotes
Use, Insert, Set, View, Browse, Move, Copy and Delete a Note

Inserting Graphics
Insert Clip Art & Pictures, Format Pictures, Create & Format WordArt Objects, Arrange Graphics, Create Watermarks

Using SmartArt
Create SmartArt, Change Colors, Apply a SmartArt Graphic Style

Working with Drawing Objects
Create a Drawing Object, Select & Move Objects, Use Drawing Canvas, Format Objects, Add 3-D Effect, Layer Text & Objects, Delete an Object

Using Newsletter-style Columns
Create Columns, Navigate & Change the Number of Columns, Width and Spacing, Add a Vertical Line between Columns, Balance Column Length

Using Chart Creation Features
Create a Chart, Edit the Datasheet, Add a Chart Title, Change the Chart Type, Create a Chart from Excel

Editing a Table
Select, Inserting & Delete Rows and Columns, Merge Cells, Rotate Text, Align Text, Split Cells, Convert a Table into Text, Create a Table Heading

Sorting Table Data
Design a Table to be Sorted, Sort a Table Alphabetically, Numerically and by Date, Sort a Table by Multiple Columns

Using Templates
Select an Existing Template, Create, Modify & Delete a Template

Customizing Word Preferences
Change Default Font Attributes, Change Default Page Settings, Set Word Options, Modify Default File Locations, Customize Toolbars

Working with Lists
Customize Numbered/Bulleted Lists, Bullet/Number a Multilevel List, Create a New List Style, Sort a List Alphabetically

Using Macros
Record, Run, Edit, Delete a Macro, Add a Macro Button, Organize Macro Projects

Using Mail Merge, Merge Mail Labels & Directories
Start Mail Merge Wizard, Create Main Document & Recipient List, Customize, Rearrange, Save Recipient List, Enter Records into a Recipient List, Sort Merged Records, Highlight & Insert Merge Fields Preview Merged Data, Merge to Document or Printer, Email Messages Use & Create Mailing Labels, Label Options, Attach a Data Source, Insert Label Merge Fields, Merge Labels to a New Document, Create a Directory, Merge with Alternate Data Source

Using Formulas in Tables
Create a Formula, Use Functions, Format, Display Field codes, Recalculating Formulas in a Table

Using Bookmarks
Work with, Create, View, Go to, Cross-reference & Delete a Bookmark

Using Forms
Create a Form, Save a Form as a Template, Set Properties for Controls, Use Legacy Tools and ActiveX Controls, Protect a Form, Input Data into a Form, Delete a Form Template, Print a Form

Managing Files
Select File Views, Sort Word Files, Use the My Places Bar, Assign & Remove a Password, Digital Signatures, Manage Document Recovery

Protecting a Document
Open the Protect Document Button, Restrict Document Formatting, & Editing, Create Restriction Exceptions

Using Word HTML Features
Save Files, Auto Format, Link to a Page, or Location, Paste, Update, Browse Linked Pages & Locations, Edit & Modify HTML Files


Mark Steele

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