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MS PowerPoint Advanced Course Information

One Day: 9am – 4:30pm hours

Target Audience & Purpose

PowerPoint Advanced is for people who can already create simple presentations, and want to add more sophistication.


By the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Customise Colour Schemes
  • Add Animation effects
  • Use the Slide, Notes and Handout Masters
  • Create, Edit and Import Charts
  • Create and Edit Tables
  • Manage Hyperlinks
  • Create Custom Shows
  • Exporting Outlines & Presentation Slides to Word

Course Structure

Course Inclusions

  • Comprehensive learning materials incl. exercise files
  • Post course telephone support
  • ‘Certificate of Attendance’
    on completion of course
  • Morning & afternoon tea

Course Prerequisites

Participants should already be competent in:

  • Creating PowerPoint presentations
  • Formatting and editing slide text

MS PowerPoint 2013/2016 Advanced Course Information

Creating Basic Charts
Inserting a Chart, Deleting Data from the Datasheet, Entering Data into the Datasheet, Changing the Chart Type, Applying a Chart Style and Layout, Displaying Chart Analysis, Inserting Pictures, Formatting your Chart Background

Using Tables
Creating a PowerPoint Table, Inserting a PowerPoint Table, Drawing a PowerPoint Table, Inserting a Word Table, Inserting an Excel Spreadsheet, Adjusting Table Cells, Selecting Rows and Columns, Inserting Rows and Columns, Applying a Table Style, Editing the Table Color, Adding Table Effects, Formatting Table Text using Quick Styles, Adding Table Borders

Customizing Presentations
Creating a Custom Layout, Applying a Theme, Applying a Background Style, Saving a Custom Theme, Arranging and Printing Section

Editing Presentation Masters
Working with the Slide Master, Formatting the Slide Master, Adding Header and Footer Information, Formatting the Title Master, Inserting a New Slide Master, Preserving a Slide Master

Editing Notes and Handout Masters
Working with the Notes Master, Formatting the Notes Master, Adding a Notes Master Placeholder, Formatting the Handout Master, Adding a Handout Master Placeholder

Applying Special Effects
Applying an Animation Scheme, Working with Animation Painter, Animating Text and Objects, Setting Animation Timing, Animating a Chart, Inserting Sounds and Video, Editing Media Clips, Changing Multimedia Settings, Inserting Animated GIF’s.

Setting Up the Slide Show
Setting Automatic Slide Timings, Setting Up a Continuous Loop, Hiding a Slide, Rehearsing Slide Transition Timings

Expanding a Slide Show
Creating a Custom Show, Setting Up a Custom Show as the Default, Creating a Hyperlink, Using a Hyperlink, Using an Action, Jumping to Another Presentation

Presenting to a Wider Audience
Sharing Presentation Ideas, Embedding the Fonts in a Presentation, Packaging a Presentation for CD, Using the PowerPoint Viewer, Formatting a Presentation for the Web, Inspecting the Document, Encrypting the Presentation, Adding a Digital Signature, Granting Permissions, Annotating a Presentation, Compressing Pictures, Sending in PDF Format

Using SmartArt
Inserting a SmartArt Object, Formatting a SmartArt Object Color, Resizing/Repositioning a SmartArt Object, Inserting Text into a SmartArt Object, Formatting Text Within a SmartArt Object, Adding Shapes to a SmartArt Object, Grouping SmartArt Objects

Inserting a Photo Album
Inserting Pictures from a File, Adding Captions, Applying a Theme to your Album, Customizing the Album Layout

Exporting Outlines and Slides
Exporting Notes and Handouts to Word, Exporting an Outline to Word, Saving a Presentation as an Outline, Saving a Slide as a Graphic.


Mark Steele

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