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Intro / Intermediate Course Information

Two Day: 9am – 4:30pm hours

Target Audience & Purpose

Word Intro / Intermediate is for people new to Word Processing, and for self-taught users to enhance their knowledge. It is a pre-requisite for the Advanced course.


By the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Create, edit and save documents
  • Change the appearance and layout of a document using formatting techniques
  • Create headers, footers and page numbering
  • Preview and print documents
  • Use Spell Checker, Thesaurus, Find/Replace and AutoCorrect
  • Create and format tables

Course Structure

Course Inclusions

  • Comprehensive learning materials incl. exercise files
  • Post course telephone support
  • ‘Certificate of Attendance’ on completion of course
  • Morning & afternoon tea

Course Prerequisites

Participants should already:

  • Be competent in using a mouse and keyboard
  • Have an understanding of Windows

MS Word 2013/2016 Intro / Intermediate Course Content

Exploring Microsoft Word
Start Word, Use the Interface, Use the Backstage View, Use the Quick Access Toolbar, Customize the Quick Access Toolbar, Use the Mini Toolbar, Use Ribbons and Tabs, Use Dialog Box Launchers, Use Contextual Tabs, Use Live Preview, Exit Word

Using Basic Document Skills
Enter Text into a Document, Save a New Document, Close a Document, Create a New Document, Open an Existing Document, Scroll using the Mouse, Move using the Keyboard, Select Text, Use Overtype Mode, Create a New Folder, Rename an Existing Document, Save a Document in PDF or XPS Format

Working with Document Views
Switch Document Views, Hide White Space in Print Layout View, Use Full Screen Reading View, Change Document Magnification, Display/Hide the Rulers, View/Hide the Formatting Marks, Open Multiple Documents, Switch between Documents, Compare Side by Side Documents, Use Synchronous Scrolling

Using Basic Text Editing
Remove Characters, Delete Selected Text, Replace Selected Text, Cut/Copy and Past Text, Use the Paste Options Button, Use the Clipboard Pane, Change Office Clipboard Options, Share the Office Clipboard, Use Drag-and-Drop Editing, Use Undo and Redo

Checking Spelling & Grammar
Check Spelling/Grammar as You Type, Add to the Custom Dictionary, Set Global Spelling Checker Settings, Set Exceptions for a Document, Use the Exclusion Dictionary, Run the Spelling Checker, Run the Grammar Checker, Select Grammar and Style Options, Use Contextual Spelling, Check Spelling and Grammar

Preview a Document, Print the Current Document or Page, Print Multiple Copies, Print Envelopes and Labels

Using Character Formatting
Format Characters, Change an Existing Font, Modify the Font Size, Use Bold and Italics, Underline Text, Highlight Text, Copy Character Formatting, Change Character Case

Using Paragraph Formatting
Format & Align Paragraphs, Click and Type to Align Text, Paragraph Spacing, Reveal Formatting, Modify Line Spacing, Copy Paragraph Formats

Indenting Paragraphs
Change the Left Indent, Indent the first line, create a Hanging Indent, Create a Right Indent.

Using Document Formatting
Format Documents, Insert a Manual Page Break, Remove a Manual Page Break, Change the Page Orientation, Change the Document Margins, Change the Paper Size, Change the Vertical Alignment

Formatting with Document Themes
Select a Theme, Create Theme Colours & Fonts, Change Theme Effects

Using Numbers & Bullets
Create & Remove Numbered or Bulleted List, Change a Bullet or Number Style

Working with Headers & Footers
Create Headers/Footers, Insert Page Numbers, Insert the Current Date, Create a First Page Header/Footer, Alternate Odd and Even Headers/Footers, Set the Starting Page Number

Exploring the Research Task Pane
Open the Research Task Pane, Add Research Services, Use the Thesaurus, Translate Text, Searching for Information

Using Find & Replace
Use Find, Use Find Options, Find Special Characters, Find a Format, Use Replace, Using the Navigation Pane

Inserting Dates & Symbols
Insert the Date & Time, Insert Symbols and Special Characters

Applying Borders & Shading
Add Borders and Shading to Text, Add a Border to a Page & a Table, Remove a Border from a Table, Add and Remove Shading

Working with Tables
Create & Navigate a Table, Enter Text into a Table, Insert a Blank Line, Use Table Styles, Hide and Show Gridlines, Use the Draw Table Feature, Convert Existing Text into a Table, Insert Quick Tables

Working with AutoFormat
Use AutoFormat as You Type, Change AutoFormat Options

Using AutoCorrect
Use AutoCorrect, AutoCorrect Exceptions, Create an AutoCorrect Entry, Delete an AutoCorrect Entry

Using Quick Parts
Create a Quick Part, Add Quick Parts to a Document, Insert Document Property Fields, Use the Building Blocks Organizer

Setting Tabs (Time Permitting)
Use, Set, Delete and Move Tab Stops, Clear All Tabs, Create a Bar Tab


Mark Steele

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