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Computer Fundamentals Course Information

One Day: 9am – 4:30pm hours

Target Audience & Purpose

This course will provide you with the basic skills needed to work with the various features, tools and options available.


By the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Start & Exit correctly
  • Organise Files and Folders
  • Use the Search Facility
  • Identify key features of the desktop
  • Identify common tools and programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

Course Structure

Computer Fundamentals Course Content

Learning the Basics
Working with Windows 10 Features, Starting Windows 10 and Logging on, Exploring the Windows 10 Desktop, Using the Mouse, Closing a Window, Exploring the Start Menu, Opening This PC, Working with Files and Folders, Opening File Explorer

Exploring Windows Features
Working with Window Sizes, Minimizing and Restoring Windows, Restoring Down and Maximizing Windows, Moving a Window, Changing a Window’s Size and Shape, Scrolling Open Windows

Using Programs
Opening a Program from the Start Menu, Working with Text, Saving a File to Documents Folder, Closing a Program, Opening a File Using File Explorer, Formatting Text

Working with File Explorer
Using & Opening File Explorer, The File Explorer Window, The Ribbon, Hiding and Displaying the Ribbon, Changing Views, Sorting Folders and Files, Adding Columns to the Details View, Other Ribbon Options, Viewing File Extensions

Organising Files and Folders
Using the Navigation Pane, Selecting Multiple Items, Renaming a Folder or File, Creating a New Folder, Copying/Moving Files and Folders, Copying/Moving with Drag and Drop, Creating a Shortcut, Deleting Files, Folders or Shortcuts, Using the Undo Feature

Working with Multiple Windows
Switching between Open Windows, Showing the Desktop, Working with Multiple Windows

Using the Search Facility
Using the Search Facility, Searching with File Explorer, Using Advanced Search Options, Searching by Date Modified, Searching for Other File Types

Using the Desktop and Recycle Bin
Windows settings, Changing the Desktop Background, Changing Screen Options, Changing Mouse Settings, Sending a Shortcut to the Desktop, Arranging Icons on the Desktop, Deleting Desktop Items, The Recycle Bin, Emptying the Recycle Bin, Configuring the Recycle Bin

Working with Printers
Adding and Changing Hardware, Adding a Printer, Setting a Printer as the Default, Setting Printing Preferences, Working with the Print Queue

Using the Start Menu
Working with the Start Menu, Removing Shortcuts from Start, Rearranging and sizing shortcut tiles

Using the Taskbar
Working with Customizing the Taskbar, Hiding the Taskbar, Taskbar Settings, The Notification Area, View more icons on the Taskbar

Using Applications
Using the Calculator, Performing a Basic Calculation, Using the Snipping Tool, Working with Word, Working with Excel, Working with Outlook, Working with PowerPoint, Using the Windows Clipboard, Using the Paint Program

 Using Accounts and Shutting Down
Closing a Locked Program, Using the Windows Security, Restarting Your Computer, Shutting Down with the Start Menu


Mark Steele

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