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Advanced Excel Training Courses

Two Day: 9am – 4:30pm hours

Target Audience & Purpose

Excel Advanced is for people who can already create moderately complex spreadsheets, and want to add more sophistication and automation.


By the end of this course participants should be able to:

  • Use outlines, range names, databases & the data form
  • Use AutoFilter & advanced filters
  • Work with Data Series
  • Use advanced functions
  • Modify charts
  • Use Scenarios & Goal Seek
  • Use templates, data tables & solve problems
  • Use automatic formatting & styles
  • Work with views, consolidate worksheets
  • Create & revise PivotTables
  • Use, record & edit macros

Course Structure

Course Inclusions

  • Comprehensive learning materials incl. exercise files
  • Post course telephone support
  • ‘Certificate of Attendance’ on completion of course
  • Morning & afternoon tea

Course Prerequisites

Participants should already:

  • Be using Excel on a regular basis and or
  • Knowledge of Excel Introduction topics

MS Excel 2013/2016 Advanced Course Content

Working with Outlines
Apply an Outline, Collapse/Expand an Outline, Modify Outline Settings, Clear an Outline, Use Auto Outline, Create Subtotals in a List, Remove Subtotals from a List

Using Multiple Workbooks
Open and Arrange Multiple Workbooks, Save a Workspace, Create and Maintain Links

Using Range Names
Jump to a Named Range, Assign Names, Use Range Names in Formulas, Create Range Names from Headings, Apply Range Names, Delete Range Names, Use Range Names in 3-D Formulas, Create 3-D Range Names, Use 3-D Range Names in Formulas

Working with Tables
Use Tables, Create a Table from Existing Data, Change the Table Name, Change the Table Style, Change Table Style Options, Create a Total Row, Add Table Rows and Columns, Insert/Delete Table Rows/Columns, Create a Calculated Column, Select Parts of a Table, Move a Table, Sort Data by Multiple Levels, Use Text Filters, Use Number Filters, Use Data Validation, Validate Data using a List, Create a Custom Error Message, Remove Data Validation

Working with Advanced Filters
Create a Criteria Range, Use a Criteria Range, Show All Records, Use Comparison Criteria, Use an Advanced And Condition, Use an Advanced Or Condition, Copy Filtered Records, Use Database Functions, Find Unique Records, Remove Duplicates from a Table

Using Advanced Functions
Use the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP Function, Use the IF Function and Nested IF Function, Use the ISERROR Function, Use an AND Condition with IF, Use an OR Condition with IF, Use the ROUND Function, Limit the Precision of Numbers

Advanced Functions

Add, Remove and Format Gridlines, Format an Axis, Change the Axis Scale, Format the Data Series, Add Data – Different Worksheets, Use a Secondary Axis, Change Data Series Chart Types, Add a Trendline, Create User-defined Charts, Create, Customise, Working with Sparklines

Advanced Charting
Add, Remove and Format Gridlines, Format an Axis, Change the Axis Scale, Format the Data Series, Add Data – Different Worksheets, Use a Secondary Axis, Change Data Series Chart Types, Add a Trendline, Create User-defined Charts, Create, Customise, Remove Sparklines

Using Templates
Save a Workbook as a Template, Use a Template, Edit a Template, Delete a Template, Create Default Templates

Using Auditing Tools

Display the Formula Auditing Toolbar, Display/Remove Dependent and Precedent Arrows, Remove Tracer Arrows, Use Auditing Tools Buttons

Using Scenarios & Goal Seeking
Use the Scenario Manager, Create, Display and Edit a Scenario, Create a Scenario Summary Report, Use Goal Seek

Solving Problems
Use Solver, Save a Solution as a Scenario, Change a Constraint, Create a Solver Report, View Solutions using Scenarios

Using Automatic Formatting & Styles
Apply an AutoFormat, Change AutoFormat Options, Extend List Formats and Formulas, Create a Style by Example, Create a New Style, Edit an Existing Style, Merge Styles

Using Conditional and Custom Formats

Apply Conditional Formats, Change a Conditional Format, Add a Conditional Format, Create a Custom Conditional Format, Use Data Bars, Delete a Conditional Format, Create a Custom Number Format

Working with Views

Create, Display and Delete a Custom View
Consolidating Worksheets
Consolidating Worksheets by Category or by Position

Sharing Workbooks

Save a Shared Workbook, View Users Sharing a Workbook, View Shared Workbook Changes, Highlight Changes, Resolve Conflicting Changes, Add a History Worksheet, Review Tracked Changes, Merge Shared Workbook Files

Creating/Revising PivotTables

Create a PivotTable Report, Add PivotTable Report Fields, Select a Report Filter Field Item, Refresh a PivotTable Report, Change the Summary Function, Add New Fields to a PivotTable Report, Move PivotTable Report Fields, Use Expand and Collapse Buttons, Hide/Unhide PivotTable Report Items, Delete PivotTable Report Fields, Create Report Filter Pages, Inserting & Using Slicers, Format a PivotTable Report, Create a PivotChart Report

Using, Recording, Editing Macros

Change Macro Security Settings, Open a Workbook Containing Macros, Run a Macro, Use a Shortcut Key, Use the Visual Basic Editor Window, Record a Macro, Assign a Shortcut key, Use Relative References, Delete a Macro, Write a New Macro, Enter Macro Comments, Copy, Edit and Type Macro Commands, Run a Macro from the Code Window

Creating a Macro Button

Use, Create, Format, Move/Size & Delete a Macro Button


Mark Steele

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